Safety is a Priority

At Coles, safety is not a changing priority, but a core value. Safety is at the heart of every decision we make and integrated into our culture. Everyone, from our owners, leadership team, and Safety Specialists to our newest employee, is constantly reminded of our commitment to safety excellence for ourselves, our clients, and the communities in which we work. Safety is a constant challenge, and Coles is making every effort to meet that challenge head-on with enhanced programs and dedicated people. The ultimate goal is ZERO Accidents. No accident or injury should be acceptable. We expect all of our employees to champion safety excellence in each and every action they take.

Our Vision of Safety Excellence

Coles believes safety excellence is about achieving success, not just avoiding failure. This proactive view of safety requires a vision of what safety success looks like. We create this vision and work toward accomplishing it on all services that we provide.

Our program includes, but is not limited to:

  • Full-time Safety Specialists
  • Annual training on subjects such as first aid, CPR, fire extinguisher, PPE, HAZCOM, hand tools, etc.
  • Topic and event-driven weekly safety meetings that are attended by all employees
  • Completion of a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) before all work activities, daily, and by job
  • Training and strict adherence to company policies regarding PPE
  • Strict adherence to a Stop Work Authority policy for ALL EMPLOYEES
  • Open access to every level of management for all employees with safety concerns
  • Open and active dialogue at all levels regarding safety issues at large
  • Observation cards that are provided for anonymous input regarding safety issues

We at Coles are confident that we have a very strong safety culture and that our management team makes this very clear to all employees on an ongoing basis. Our people are our greatest asset, and their welfare is of paramount importance to us. The ultimate goal is ZERO accidents.